"I have a very simple philosophy, treat people like you would want to be treated"
Charles D. Vega
I earn your business every day! I am dedicated to doing what is right for my clients. I will return your inquiry promptly and do what I say I am going to do. While no one can guarantee results, rest assured, I will fight hard for you!

My success has always been through building long term trusting relationships with my clients. When reviewing a clients needs I take a wholistic approach to the issue or concern. What that means is instead of looking at a single transaction for example like a simple Will, I look at what is the best solution short and long term for you.
Most pricing is a flat rate fee, so you know up front the total cost. If it takes longer than expected that's on me. In fact for most situations you can call to ask a question without the fear of being sent a bill.
NO SURPRISES, all pricing is in writing and provided to you ahead of time.

If it's a civil law suit like an automobile accident then I work on a contingency basis which is no cost to you for my services unless we win.

Once you become a client, you can count on a long term honest trusting relationship with me. You will be calling asking for Charley which all my friends call me. "Hey Charley hows the family?
I have question?"

It has been my experience that once we we get to know one another, it's common for us to build mutual respect. This how my professionalism has earned the respect of my clients.